We have been producing technical items, woollen felt, fine woven fibres and quality blankets since 1887. We always work out of respect for tradition, but with a special focus on research and innovation.

Set in the historic textile region of the Seriana Valley in the province of Bergamo, for 125 years we have been devoting all our expertise and local knowledge to design and offer our professional fabrics - the daily bread of our company - and textiles for upholstery and fine-quality clothing, the equivalent of our refined poetry.

We work in respect for human labour, environmental and safety standards, and above all those standards that represent an added value thanks to the traditional craftsmanship that distinguishes our company.

Originally starting from a local context, we have gone global, selling all over the world and flying the flag for authentic Italian quality.

Our core business and daily bread is our fabrics and woollen rugs for bread making. We are a global benchmark for quality and reliability in the sector and intend to remain as such, committed to providing the fullest support and collaboration with all our customers: from the small baker to large-scale manufacturing industries. It is for this reason that we are always in step with the latest market standards and demands.

Our clothing and upholstery items represent the real artistry of our work.
Our fleet of machinery consists of efficient historic models such as shuttle looms and mechanical fulling stocks, as well as new technologies and the latest equipment. Thanks to our 125 years of experience in textiles, and the passion and skill of our employees, we are able to offer textile items of the finest quality. We have always selected the best raw materials.

We design new fabrics and produce colours on request. We believe that collaboration with our trusted suppliers and increasingly discerning and attentive customer base is still the right way to proudly conduct business in Italy.

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