wool factory
Our wool factory in Cene

Founded in 1887 by Giacomo Gusmini, the great-grandfather of the present owners, the Gusmini wool factory started out by working to produce and market woollen cloths, which were typical products made using the frames of fulling stock and the ancient "Chiodere" (the frames used to dry out woollen clothes) of Vertova. In the twentieth century, his son Santo took on the business, adapting to new demands for items from the textile and textile-machinery industry.

From the company's inception, the aim of the Gusmini family has always been to be able to understand customers' needs in order to cater to them fully, producing quality products with timely and accurate services.

From the 1930's onwards the company continued to grow and develop:

  • In 1930 we prepared to design complete production cycles
  • In 1960, the new spinning mill was constructed in Vertova, to produce carded wool for felts, cloths, covers and upholstery fabrics
  • In 1975, the Cene factory was opened, featuring a modern system for preparing and spinning carded wool, with tufted dyeing, yarn and rolls
  • In 1977, production moved from Vertova to Cene, with the acquisition of new rapier and jacquard looms
  • In 1987-1988, finishing moved from Vertova to Cene, with the advent of the new water treatment facility to improve quality and production capacity.

Our centennial heritage of expertise and acquisitions from the Veneto felt makers in 1997 enables us to develop our work, and to reaffirm and improve our quality standards.

We acquired the Moglia di Marone felt factory in 2003, bringing in new international customers and perfecting production processes with research and new technologies in the process.

In 2014, we obtained the TV DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for our processes, improving production processes with research and cutting-edge technology.

Our aim is to be able to understand the needs of our customers as well as possible, in order to produce high-quality products and services.

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